The system allows the bets processing on a wide range of sport events and lottery games and it’s flexible architecture gives the opportunity for quick implementation of new games.


In this area the system processes bets on sport events. There is a predefined odd for each outcome for which bets are accepted.

Fixed odds betting 
The system supports the following games and functionality:



Superchance bets 
This bet type provides the opportunity for long term odds placement from a wide range of sport tournaments and championships. The betting program can include collective and individual sport events (football, basketball, Formula 1, winner and a finalist in the Champion league etc.), as well as tournaments for elimination (WEFA cup, Champion League in a stage of elimination etc.)

The system is designed to support many different types of lottery games, such as “Keno”, “Toto 6 out of 49”, “Bingo” and “Bingo Lottery”, etc. It has the following functionality:



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